About Us

Creations Studio was born in the 1990`s with the vision to enchant and capture old world charm, combined with modernity for perfection and unique beauty.

We have evolved as a distinguished custom designer offering superb craftsmanship, aesthetically pleasing, high quality, highly artistic finishings. Surprisingly our products are within the financial boundaries of the average customer due to our unique faux finishes.

Special attention is always given to the mood the client envisions for their space. What unfolds is a unique work of art to capture the eye of the beholder.

You are the visionary - We the path to your vision.

It is on this premise that our company was established and has flourished.

The superb craftsmanship and personal attention to the details of an evolving project has played the prominent role in the satisfaction of our customers, and their loyalty to our company.

The artist enabled in techniques beyond his craft. Every production is a reflection of the years spent perfecting his skills. His masterful productions ensure his ultimate goal - customer satisfaction, timely delivery and a loyal customer base. Our reputation is built on these principles.

Laszlo Csontos the president of Creations Studio is a visionary, accomplished in fine custom finishes. He is inspired by his passion to create captivating works of art, transforming the ordinary to extraordinary. His passion is his life work. Every creation, every job is fueled by his skill and brilliance.

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