Mantel Gallery

Our most popular feature is based on transforming out-dated brick to faux finish stone mantels.
Stones have served man for thousands of years towards a variety of architectural purposes. Our incorporation of stone finishings are simply stunning. The quality of workmanship will speak for itself.
Creations Studio designs are visually captivating and architecturally whimsical in highlighting the grace that surrounds historical beauty and elegance in a contemporary setting - your home.
Our fireplace mantels are sure to raise the value of your home. We incorporate the look of timeless fashion that will probably never go out of style.
After viewing your living room centerpiece, your friends and family will conclude you have refined good taste, and they will think you spent a fortune.
Our designer welcomes your investigations and specifications. We pride ourselves in creating customized projects from ornamental, French-inspired to Greco-Roman undertones.
Our  finished features include all precast stone, plaster,  and fauxstone finishes.

Mantel Legs

Creations Studio offers a wide appointment of stunning mantel legs. The designs vary from simple elegance to more detailed sophistication.
Whatever you desire, you are sure to find the look from our diverse selections. Choose our panel type selections for a look of intricate seduction. Our Victoria design is whimsical and enchanting. For a more majestic appeal view our Scroll design. For a modern and sleek appeal, the florence will set your mantel apart from the ordinary. For a more delicate airy feel, the Corintyian is a great choice.
There are many more options available to enable you to create a look that is distinctive and personal.

Columns / Mouldings

Our interior columns ravish any room in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. From smooth fluted to tapered, our creations will reflect that flavour. Creations Studio`s designs will render any ordinary room with both charm and character.
From the feel of an enchanted setting that soothes the senses to a charming backdrop of an elegant period. We can capture the moment and feeling you desire. Our uniquely skillful portrayals will establish a vision and decor beyond your imagination. Anything your imagination desires, our craftsmen can capture for you.
Explore what Creations Studio can do for your space.

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